Playtech buys forex trading platform TradeFX for $224m

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Gambling platform software company Playtech plc LSE:PTEC is buying a controlling stake in forex trading platform TradeFX for $224 million. Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi holds a controlling stake in both companies.

Playtech’s biggest clients include William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfair and Intergame Gala-Coral and the company also has a partnership with Ladbrokes. TradeFX is a trading platform and payment services provider.

Playtech CEO Mor Weizer told Reuters, “We intend to offer TradeFX trading platform to all of Playtech’s licensees and other gaming companies, given the fact that the trading platform is complementary to gaming companies’ operations.”

Playtech shares rose 2.38% on Thursday. The deal is expected to produce cost and revenue synergies and help Playtech expand its customer base and enter new markets as TradeFX operates in more than 100 countries.

Playtech will buy a 91.1% stake in TradeFX, which could receive an additional €250 million in milestone payments. Through its Marketsm brand, TradeFX provides foreign exchange and CFD contract for difference trading platforms, including its MetaTrader 4 platform.

“Gambling involves creating risk that doesn’t need to be created,” replied Buffett. “If you want to go out and gamble on a where little ball is going to fall on a wheel that’s revolving, that’s a created risk. daftar poker You can watch a football game without betting on it, but you can’t live in a house on the Florida coast without having a risk that your entire investment can disappear. But I hope that you’re right and that the house wins in both cases.”

Webb does have his battles with the Betfair house and thinks he should be treated better by them than he is. He doesn’t have an account manager, which he thinks strange, and the business has introduced premium charges for customers placing or editing more than 1,000 bets an hour, or making large numbers of data requests within the same second. Which is exactly what he does.

“Betfair’s argument is that people like me, who make money consistently, should help fund acquisition of new customers,” says Webb. “But I’ll put through millions a week, all at my own risk.”

The newly floated business has changed a lot since he first joined. “It’s much more like a traditional bookmakers now. The Utopian dream has faded,” he says wistfully. A bit like the channel perhaps?®

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