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Unlock the potential of your managers

Watch our on-demand demo video to discover how the Mind Tools Content Library can elevate your management development programs, saving you time and money.
Mind Tools has been empowering managers and leaders for over 25 years. Now, 24 million learners across 160 countries benefit from our learning resources focused on management, leadership and personal effectiveness.

Empower and upskill your team quickly, complement leadership programs, and embed learning into the flow of work.
Learning & Development Solution ~ Teams flourish with Mind Tools' learning resources

Solutions designed for your organization

Content Library
On-demand leadership and management tools and resources that enable your people to benefit from self-directed and guided learning paths in the flow of work.
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AI Conversations
Allows managers to practice difficult conversations using generative AI to build their management and leadership skills.
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Award-winning custom learning and development programs that put your people first and meet your specific business goals.
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Good managers aren't born, they're built
We've partnered with YouGov and surveyed 2,001 managers across 12 industry sectors in the UK to develop our brand new research report, Building Better Managers.
Pre-order your copy today - coming July 2024!
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Mind Tools Content Library
Make sure your frontline teams aren’t forgotten
No desk? No problem.

In Beyond the Desk we share strategies and tips from L&D practitioners in public sector and healthcare settings and insights from our own research.

“[Mind Tools] has helped us move from a training culture to a proactive learning culture. Our staff get the learning they need from a five-minute video or article accessed on their phone, rather than traveling to a full-day training course.”


“At AstraZeneca, we believe that growth comes from innovation. This requires us to 'un-learn' some things, and learn new things. Mind Tools is a great opportunity to help us give people the access to bite-sized information.”